Monday, May 17, 2010

While at the Movies....

I am normally a pretty patient person. Let me clarify. When in a public forum, I have more tolerance then usual for certain situations. This isn't one of them.

Went to go see 'Just Wright' last night. I really enjoyed it but I don't really remember much about the movie. It was enjoyable but it was the surroundings that held my attention more than the film.
These two ladies walked in ten minutes late, talked OUT LOUD about finding seats (granted, there wasn't a whole lot of us there but seriously?), finally choose two in front of us a couple rows down and then proceeded to make themselves comfortable by standing in front of the screen until they were adjusted.
Throughout the movie, they would say things like "Awwww.." and discuss what should have happened, what was going to happen and anything else that popped in their heads. If you can't contain your 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' commentary, please wait until the movie comes out on DVD. I paid a ridiculous amount of money to see a movie on a big screen and would prefer not to have someone talking through the whole thing. Exceptions: Queen Latifah and Common. You are aloud to talk during my movie.
So, the ladies to my far right started to get annoyed also. Between the two of us, we were repeatably clearing our throats or making silent shhhh-ing sounds. Finally, the ladies on my right loudly shhh'ed them. The younger of the two ladies in front of me glares at the other girls, then turns to her mother (I assume) and out loud says: "She just told me to shhh. Did you just hear her tell to me shh?" The mom says : "Oh no, she didn't!"
And then the skies opened up and the ladies were quiet-er the rest of the movie. Afterward, they left right away and while walking out of the theater, I spotted the other ladies. As we walked by, I thanked them.
I swear, if I go to another theater were someone either talks out loud above a whisper, kicks my seat, lets their crying baby or toddler disrupt or have to *shudder* pay more for a movie and like $6 for 1/3 box of candy. I'm going on a boycott! It's getting out of hand and the reasoning behind seeing a movie on the big screen is going to seriously lose to all of the other issues. Has anyone else noticed that what used to be the better screens are seriously lacking in sharpness? Ok, I'm done.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So Why Wasn't I Told It Was Crabby Patty Day?

So, been absent for a while. Nothing really new or noteworthy. Today fixed all that. So, seriously, why wasn't I Informed that it was crabby Patty Day? I would have worn my defense shield and mask. I've talked about this before, If you're in a bad or crabby mood, fine. DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON SOMEONE ELSE. It ruins my day and everyone else around. Go home, take a bath and don't come back out until you are at least human.

Mainly people were just very snippy today. Not everyone but as most people will tell you it usually only takes one.

First Members of the Crabby Patty Society walk in. 1) They wanted something on our menu that is only mentioned online and 2) considered a special because we don't care it all the time. When my manager informed them we may not have it available at the moment, I'm not exactly sure what was said but she came back to me with a stressed smile on her face and a "good luck." I approach the table with my best attitude and everything starts off fine.

"Would you Ladies like separate tickets or one?"

"I think I'll have the ______. What do you think you're getting?"

*Looks at her friend.*

Fine, one ticket it is.

End of meal...
"Can I get you ladies anything else? No? OK, Have a Great Afternoon."

I place the bill on the table. 20 MIN. later, I get paged.


"Um, we asked for separate tickets."

"OK, no Problem. I asked earlier but I wasn't sure we reached a decision. I go split these for you."

Probably more than I should have said. However, I WANTED to say "You know earlier, when you were ignoring me? Yeah, I was asking if you wanted separate tickets. Not you. Me. 2) I have to hand write everything so it makes it easier for me to ask you ahead of time if you want separate tickets. "

Smirks at me and hands me the bill. Whatever. I hear this as I walk away.

"At least it was better than last time.."

The highlight of Crabby Patty Day was this gem. I have this group of older ladies who come in once a month. Sweet as they can be. The other ladies usually just order drinks and small items so I just leave the drink menu for them. Another lady is joining them for the first time. Only a few of the ladies have shown up so I continue to bus and clean tables around them.

"I have to work and I need to eat lunch. I need to see the other menu."

I run and get her the other menu, tell her whats available and leave to give her a minute. Come back, take her order, write "lunch break" on the ticket so the kitchen knows she needs to eat and leave and continue. The other ladies arrive and I start drinks for them.

As I am finishing the orders, the first lady says "I need some hot water," as she points at her cup,

"This drink is to strong."

Hey, no problem. I go to the kitchen and bring her out a small pot of hot water.

"Your entree will be right out."

She continues making comments but to other people. I bring her her bill in case she needs to leave early. She sort of mumbles acknowledgement in my direction.

She comes up to the register to pay her bill. Looks me dead in the eye and says:

"You know. When I asked you for water, I meant for you to take my cup to the kitchen and fill it there. You weren't supposed to bring me a pot of water."

I can't believe I'm getting chewed out for this.

"Usually when people ask for water to dilute their drink, we bring them a pot so you can adjust it as you need to. I would hate to dilute it too much."

She just looks at me and says "At least the entree was enjoyable."

"Well, I'm glad you like it. Thank you, have a good day."

Please leave... leave those nice ladies alone and go to your room. Bleh!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year!... except for you...

Hello all!

Happy New Year! I have been putting off any entries until I had a really good one. And boy, did I finally stumble upon one. So sit back, relax and enjoy :).

So, It's New Year's Eve and the shop is going to be closing a little bit early. I should note here that we were closing at 3 p.m. and had stopped seating people an hour ago.
Business was slowing down and we had one table finishing up desserts. An older lady comes in at 2:50 and mills around. I greet her and continue cleaning. At 2:52, the older lady greets her friend that just joined her. (Please note the times here or nothing that follows will seem wondrous.) Both stand at the front and look around the shop.

Me: " Can I help you ladies with anything?"

Lady 1: "Yes, we would like to sit and have something to drink."

Me: "I'm sorry. We're actually cleaning up right now and closing a little early."

Lady 2: "We can't get anything to drink?"

Me: " We're closing early for New Years. I can't seat you but I can make you something to go."

Lady 1: " So, we can't sit and get something to drink."

(You'd be surprised how often I get this question. Asking me again doesn't change my answer.)

Me: (starting to get a little annoyed at this point) "No, I'm sorry. We are closing early and the only thing I can offer you is something to go."

Lady 2: *Looks around the shop* "Are you going to make these people leave at 3?" * Points to the only table there which happens to be 5 feet away. Like within hearing distance 5 feet away.*

Me: "They are on their desserts. But, no they will not have to leave right at 3. They were here before our last seating."

Lady 2: " Fine. Where's the nearest Starbucks?"

Really? I offered you multiple times to make you something to go and because I won't seat you with like 8 minutes to spare, you ask me for a similar business? Sigh, happy New Year to me. Starting off with a bang.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

So.... the world doesn't revolve around you!

I get this a lot with bigger groups. They have it stuck in their mind that a) I am solely there to serve them and them alone.. not the 5 other tables that I have and/or the other 10 people at their table b) we should all get our food at EXACTLY the same time .... sure if I have a procession of waiters which don't c) the is NO reason that tip should be added... yes... yes there is.
One this last point, I will elaborate. Bigger parties are more effort, require more time and energy plus coordination (well, yes me physically but also drinks, courses.. etc.). And do you know that more often then not, a bigger table leaves a smaller tip than a smaller table. Adding a tip onto a larger party should ensure that your server gives you the best service (talking about myself here,I understand that not everyone will give you good service). As server, I know that my effort and hard work will not be taken or granted. So, please.. don't argue about tip being added. The math has already been done for you!

Any who.... As I said earlier, bigger groups (not all but some) think that they are just as easy to handle as smaller ones are. Here are some of the jewels that I have had to deal with in the past.

"I don't take cream in my coffee."
"OK, I'll just leave it on the table in case anyone else needs it."
Here I get the evil eye.
"I.. don't .... take...cream... in..."
I look at her, move the cream to the other side and walk away.

"I can't believe you are charging me extra for extra stuff!"
"It's listed on the menu as being an extra, so I have to charge you for it."
"Well, I am NOT paying for it." Then slams the item on my counter. No joke.

"Can I get you something to drink?"
Yes, I would like diet Snapple."
"We do not offer Snapple, would you like (list of other drinks)"
Sets the menu down.
"I only drink diet Snapple."
Then looks at me as if I am to suddenly remember that I do in fact carry diet Snapple and/or will somehow produce said beverage. This scenario has happened numerous times with different beverages.

Party of 3 walks in.
"Here is your table."
"I would like to sit over there."
Points to a smaller table that will only seat two.
"We usually only use that one for parties of two. With three there, it would be a little crowded."
The outcome is one of two.
1) Pouts. (seriously?) "OK, I guess this will do."
2) They are convinced that they will not enjoy themselves unless that sea over there.Pan to me seating them at a smaller table...usually wit them being crowded around it looking like they had to sit at the kids table.

Why does it matter where you sit in a restaurant? Most have areas that are made up to help even out the number of people to waitress ratio. In our case, we go by what will be more useful. Such as, not seating a huge party next to a small one, not having everyone sit in the same side of the room, etc.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Candid Camera.. are you there?

So, sometimes I find myself asking.. "Am I on Candid Camera?"
There was a similar show on MTV called "Boiling Points" where you earn money if you deal with someone long enough to not get upset. There was once a restaurant scenario where the patron would order something and the waitress would either tell them "Why would you order that? Nobody orders that." or takes the menu and scribbles out the item "Oh, we don't offer that anymore." I would ace that show. Cause that show is based on ACTUAL experience. It happens ALL THE TIME. But I'm not the waitress in this scene. I'm the baffled patron.
For instance, we offer one of our items in a variety of ways. The options allow you to have it cold or warm, which I think is nice..anywho. I'm taking orders and one of the ladies looks and at me and says
"So, I can this item cold or warm?"


Tilts head and stares at me with a look that tells me that I just grew two heads right in front of her.

"Why would you eat it warm? That's disgusting!"

When someone says something like this, I usually try to opt for the nicer answer, not the one that had popped into my head.

"Well, it's nice to have an option."

(All while thinking secretly, because there are more people than just you in the world and you don't have to order it, as my second head nods along.)

Just 'cause you can be rude, doesn't mean you should...

Just a brief rant. We all have our bad days. PLEASE..PLease....Please.... don't take it out on the person serving you or waiting on you. It's not my fault that someone cut you off, we don't offer the particular drink that you want (forget the fact that we never offered it) or you didn't get that coveted parking space (oh, yes.. totally been blamed for that..). I have no idea where people get the idea that it is socially acceptable to be rude or mean to someone just because YOU have had a bad day. If someone wants to shed some light on why this is OK... let me know :). You know this whole blog thing is very therapeutic. AAhhhhhh!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Oh, that's right... I read minds!"

As a someone who works in the customer service industry, you will find that not only are you supposed to do your job but you are also supposed to read minds. That's right people, psychics are in!

"You were our waitress last time. What was that great drink you recommended?"

"Do you remember what was in it? A specific flavor? Color?"

"No. But I think it had watermelon, cinnamon and something else. Oh, you know which one it was. I came in with a huge party once about a year ago and it was one of the ones you served."

"OK, well, we have a watermelon and a cinnamon drink but no together. Do you remember anything about the name of the drink?"

"All I remember is that is was really good. Something with dark in the name."

"Dark_______, _________dark?"

" Wait, it was the coffee!"

"Coffee? The drink that has neither watermelon or cinnamon and is no named _______ dark or Dark ________."

"See I knew you'd remember!"


"Miss, this isn't what I ordered."

Looks at ticket book. "What did you order?"

"Last time I came, I ordered the same thing but it came out on a thing, with all this stuff. This is smaller."

"That would be the full meal. You ordered the half meal. Would you like me to get you the fuller meal?"

"No. (Sigh). This will be fine. I really wanted the thing with all the stuff ,the sparklers and the ribbon display but I ordered the cheaper item. (Sigh) This will be fine. Next time, please bring out something else completely different than what I order than I'll be happy."