Monday, May 17, 2010

While at the Movies....

I am normally a pretty patient person. Let me clarify. When in a public forum, I have more tolerance then usual for certain situations. This isn't one of them.

Went to go see 'Just Wright' last night. I really enjoyed it but I don't really remember much about the movie. It was enjoyable but it was the surroundings that held my attention more than the film.
These two ladies walked in ten minutes late, talked OUT LOUD about finding seats (granted, there wasn't a whole lot of us there but seriously?), finally choose two in front of us a couple rows down and then proceeded to make themselves comfortable by standing in front of the screen until they were adjusted.
Throughout the movie, they would say things like "Awwww.." and discuss what should have happened, what was going to happen and anything else that popped in their heads. If you can't contain your 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' commentary, please wait until the movie comes out on DVD. I paid a ridiculous amount of money to see a movie on a big screen and would prefer not to have someone talking through the whole thing. Exceptions: Queen Latifah and Common. You are aloud to talk during my movie.
So, the ladies to my far right started to get annoyed also. Between the two of us, we were repeatably clearing our throats or making silent shhhh-ing sounds. Finally, the ladies on my right loudly shhh'ed them. The younger of the two ladies in front of me glares at the other girls, then turns to her mother (I assume) and out loud says: "She just told me to shhh. Did you just hear her tell to me shh?" The mom says : "Oh no, she didn't!"
And then the skies opened up and the ladies were quiet-er the rest of the movie. Afterward, they left right away and while walking out of the theater, I spotted the other ladies. As we walked by, I thanked them.
I swear, if I go to another theater were someone either talks out loud above a whisper, kicks my seat, lets their crying baby or toddler disrupt or have to *shudder* pay more for a movie and like $6 for 1/3 box of candy. I'm going on a boycott! It's getting out of hand and the reasoning behind seeing a movie on the big screen is going to seriously lose to all of the other issues. Has anyone else noticed that what used to be the better screens are seriously lacking in sharpness? Ok, I'm done.

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